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6 Important Aspects on the Housing Estate Website - Boost Sales

Discover the key aspects of an effective property investment website. Learn how fast loading, thoughtful presentation of information, advanced analytical tools, and high-quality 3D visualizations can attract customers and increase sales efficiency.

In today's world, a real estate developer's website is more than just a business card—it's a powerful marketing tool. The first impression you make on a potential client is crucial, and every second of page loading matters. Speed, intuitive navigation, and attractive visualizations can significantly influence customers' purchasing decisions.

In this article, we will show you how to build a website that not only attracts attention but also convinces potential investors to engage in your property development projects. 

1. “Wow!” - First impression is the most important


Your property investment website is the first place where your client encounters your property development. It is crucial that the site loads quickly, ideally in less than 4 seconds, and is easy to use. Otherwise, you risk the client quickly leaving the page and forgetting about your offer.

Consider the effect you want to achieve. Do you want to attract customers, or do you want to deter them right from the start?

The ideal real estate developer's website not only encourages return visits and exploration but also makes clients eager to recommend it to their friends. This is the effect we should aim for.

Remember, the first impression is key, but what follows must be equally impressive.

2. All in 1 place


Your housing estate website acts as your online representative, presenting all the key information about your property investment. From the name to the area of selected rooms, to a detailed description of the project.

This allows potential clients to find answers to the most frequently asked questions:

  1. What is the name of this investment?
  2. Where is it being implemented?
  3. What exactly is being built?
  4. At what stage is the project?
  5. What is currently available?
  6. Who is the developer of this investment?
  7. What experience does this developer have?
  8. How can I contact the developer?

A good website not only saves time but also ensures that your first conversation with a client will be more fruitful. A client who visits your website will call you with specific questions and interests, which significantly speeds up the entire sales process. Make sure your site is thoughtfully designed and sufficiently informative – it will definitely make your conversations with clients easier.

3. Track your customer's every move


After implementing tools such as Google Analytics and Microsoft Clarity, you will gain the ability to legally and in compliance with GDPR, track the activity of visitors on your site. These tools will provide you with valuable data on how users navigate the site: which sections attract their attention, what they like to view most, and which areas they find challenging.

Installing these tools on the real estate developer's website and the specific property investment project site is not only valuable but essential. They provide information that will help you better understand the needs and preferences of your clients.

With this data, you can, for example, make strategic decisions about the order of construction phases for the housing estate. By building based on the actual interest of clients, you can decide which building should be constructed first, thereby maximizing the efficiency of the investment and the satisfaction of future residents.

4. They will judge you by your cover


The appearance of your website and the quality of the 3D visualizations posted on it are crucial for how you are perceived as a developer. What you present online affects how clients evaluate your brand compared to the competition. Professionally made, photorealistic 3D visualizations, both exterior and interior, are now the industry standard.

Excellent visualizations are those that are so realistic that a client might mistake them for photos. Examples of such visualizations can be a strong argument convincing of the quality and aesthetics of your investments. It is worth investing in high-quality visual materials that will not only inform but also fascinate potential clients, making your offer more competitive and attractive in the market.

5. Plenty of opportunities to further promote your project!


You already have a professionally designed website with clean code and basic analytical tools installed. What now? It's time to expand your marketing capabilities!

With your own real estate developer website and property investment website, new opportunities open up, offered by a wide range of marketing tools and programs. Unlike the limitations of selling through classified ad portals or solely using traditional banners, having your own site gives you much greater control and flexibility.

With a variety of tools, you can reach a wider audience. You can also effectively remind customers who have already visited your site using techniques such as remarketing.

This allows you to maintain interest in your offer and attract new customers, thereby maximizing the effectiveness of your promotional efforts. Creating your own site is not just a way to showcase your projects but also an investment in a long-term marketing strategy that will bring tangible benefits to your real estate development company.

6. Show the customer what is available


Every real estate developer and property investment website should be equipped with a comprehensive yet simple and intuitive Content Management System (CMS). A CMS will facilitate quick updates of property availability, which is particularly useful when presenting offers on an interactive 3D visualization of the housing estate seen from a bird's eye view.

Regularly updating the status of properties is crucial. This way, you avoid situations where potential clients call with inquiries about properties that have already been sold. This not only saves your time but also improves the experiences of users visiting the site.

Above, you can see an example of an interactive 3D visualization of a housing estate integrated with a CMS. This is a proprietary solution by RendPro, which allows for easy and efficient content and property availability management, thereby enhancing the attractiveness and functionality of your website.

Work with experts


We are eager to help you create a professional website for real estate developers and property investments, enriched with photorealistic 3D visualizations that will attract the attention of potential clients.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. During the meeting, we will discuss the details and tailor the offer to your needs.

Do not wait, make sure that your investment stands out online!

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