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Blog / Marketing Strategy for the Real Estate Developer - Get Ahead of the Competition

Marketing Strategy for the Real Estate Developer - Get Ahead of the Competition

Learn how to promote a property development and sell a project faster. Marketing for a real estate developer.

Marketing strategy for real estate developers.

Real estate developers can benefit significantly from a comprehensive marketing strategy. A strong marketing plan will help build a real estate developer's client portfolio through better social proof, website traffic and more. This can be achieved through tactics such as local SEO, content marketing and social media marketing.

So how can a real estate developer leverage the online world to better showcase their properties?

Continue reading to learn how the following digital marketing strategies can help your business evolve and gain a competitive edge over other players in your niche.

Why do you need a comprehensive marketing strategy?

While there are many reasons why you should use digital marketing to sell real estate faster, we'll outline just 7 of the most important elements.

1. Build your customer portfolio

Having a healthy company portfolio is crucial to the success of your business. The quality of customers on your list will help you stabilize your brand in the market, a brand that connotes reliability and a reliable customer experience.

That's why building a portfolio of satisfied customers is key to staying ahead of the competition and creating a positive company image. Consumers pay attention to who your existing customers are and whether you have evidence that supports your expertise.

2. Social proof

Did you know that 93% of consumers buy after reading reviews about a company from their existing customers?

That's why these days it's crucial to build a list of reviews to support your digital marketing strategies for real estate sales. To achieve this, you can use various online resources to gather reviews, and preferably only positive ones.

This will help you encourage potential users by demonstrating your credibility and commitment without creating the impression of a sale. Let your existing customers do the marketing for you and be free brand ambassadors for your business.

Make sure to create your pages on the most popular social media in your industry and keep them updated so your followers know what your company is doing and what project you are currently working on.

3. Reaching your target audience

Do your best to reach your target audience. You may be surprised to learn that as many as 85% of consumers love to shop online. This means you'll need to look for potential customers where they shop.

Digital marketing strategies will help you select the best online platforms for the real estate industry - the primary market.

Other important aspects that will help you reach your target audience include demographics, the type of services you provide and the needs of the local community.

4. Turn investment website users into customers

Of course, there are other traditional ways to generate leads, such as buying an email list of potential customers.

However, one of the best marketing strategies for real estate development is to find warm leads.

These are potential clients you connect with through networking and build, nurture relationships with them.

Once you connect with a potential client, continue to maintain contact with them. This will help you build the best image of your company and sell I would say more than once.

5. Acquire new customers

Whether you're a start-up real estate developer or the owner of a listed company, acquiring new customers is a major source of business growth.

To achieve this, you will need organic marketing strategies, such as your investment and company website, social media platforms and paid advertising.

You can offer new promotions and discounts to your new and existing customers. Ask your satisfied customers to recommend your company.

You can do this by reconnecting with old customers or keeping in touch with them. You can even offer your customers value-added services such as educational materials, upgrades, free tutorials and other downloadable items.

6. Traffic to your investment website

If you are a real estate developer who wants to attract investors for your new projects then you should prepare a completely different message.

Real estate developers need to showcase their current projects to attract future capital. This can be done by showcasing your completed and current projects on the real estate developer's official website.

You should offer detailed information about your achievements as a real estate developer and create a call to action (CTA) such as "invest now" or "contact" on your posts and content.

To do this, you need to design an optimized website that can offer great value to your customers. Use your real estate developer website as a platform where you tell your story, your brand story, your mission, your vision and how it all started.

Use your website as an opportunity to build trust in your niche.

Your website can be your portal for sharing content. This can include blogs, upcoming events and webinars, client testimonials, YouTube videos and other market news and trends.

For example, why not create a bird's-eye view video of your ongoing property development project using a drone and publish it on your real estate development website? Your unique content will help increase traffic to your website, which will translate into an increase in leads and sales conversion rate.

7. Investment and real estate developer website optimized for SEO

Good SEO is key to optimizing your real estate developer and investment website. This digital marketing strategy will help you gain organic traffic and increase your sales conversion rate. You can even optimize your blog, vlog, website images, etc. to achieve better rankings in Google and Bing search engine results.

Various analytics tools will allow you to measure customer behavior on the site and adjust the content of your marketing messages accordingly.


As a real estate developer, you need a comprehensive marketing strategy to better showcase your properties and get a competitive edge. Digital marketing strategies such as local SEO, content marketing and social media marketing will help you build your client portfolio and get better social proof. Collecting positive reviews and sharing them on websites and social media can encourage potential customers to your brand. It's also important to reach your target audience through a variety of channels, such as search ads and social media platforms, to get maximum results. It's worth using these strategies, as they will help stabilize your brand in the market, stay ahead of the competition and get an increase in sales for your business.

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