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Realised projects / Pałacowa Park - Rąbień - Łódź

Pałacowa Park - Rąbień - Łódź

We worked with developer MGI Development on marketing materials for "Pałacowa Park" investment. The houses are located in Rąbień, at Pałacowa Street - not far from Łódź.

Website, visualizations
Interior visualizations
Gatsby, DirectusCMS
3D floor visualizations

A simple and effective investment site

We prepared a website for the investment that is modern, simple and effective. The logo and name of the estate refers directly to the street where the estate will be located. Colors and font in the logo are not accidental here. The client wanted to place a lot of information on the website, and our task was to design the page in such a way that the recipient would read the texts willingly and not get tired. 

The variety of each section of the page makes him eagerly scroll down the page to find out more about the estate. 

In recent days the site has been improved with a sample message in the contact form. This is to make it as easy as possible for a potential client to get in touch. After all, is that what you care about most? :)

Arsenal of visuals for the developer

The client decided to present the investment from all sides, therefore we prepared: 11 photorealistic 3D exterior visualizations and 5 photorealistic 3D interior visualizations.  

In the area where the estate will be built there is a small river, which we decided to expose. We added a bridge and arranged free space on the other side of the river. The whole thing looked so phenomenal, that we decided to create a visualization - presenting the bridge and the river in the foreground. 

The effects of our work can be found in the gallery.

PhotoRealistic 3D Interior Visualizations

3D Floor plan

Property Card

What does this customer say about us?

CEO and founder of <span>Marys sp. z o.o.</span>
CEO and founder of <span>Marys sp. z o.o.</span>
CEO and founder of <span>Marys sp. z o.o.</span>

Dawid Wróblewski

CEO and founder of DWR Development sp. z o.o.

Aleksander and his team are a role model for all entrepreneurs on how the contact with the client should be. Innovative ideas, great quality and speed of action makes that today it is one of the best companies creating advertising materials for Developers in Poland.

Grzegorz Dudek

CEO and founder of Marys sp. z o.o.

Nearly 2 years ago I was looking for a company that would be able to comprehensively handle our development project from the marketing side. From several companies that made us an offer, we chose the RendPro Company - as it turned out later, it was a bull's eye! They met all our expectations - they created a very clear investment website, visualizations and other sales materials. Everything was done on time and at the price agreed at the beginning :). We are currently working on another project and we hope for equally good results.

Paweł Giżyński

CEO of BGK Investment sp. z o.o.

I highly recommend RendPro! Aleksander quickly met and understood my expectations about the projects. He dynamically proceeded to implement the first proposals, which, after small adjustments, were quickly applied to subsequent activities. Aleksander is a "guy" who feels what he is doing, has a great contact with clients, is diligent and quick in action and has innovative ideas, which certainly distinguishes him from other companies and puts his company in the first place as a marketing company for developers in Poland.

Łukasz Grzechnik

CEO and founder of MGI Development sp. z o.o.

[...] However, the most important was the effect of our cooperation - I am very satisfied with the created logo of the investment and the website. Undoubtedly, the quality of visualizations exceeded my expectations. During the creation of the graphics I had many different ideas that were patiently implemented by Aleksander and his team, which I was very pleased with. Throughout the whole time of working on the graphics, we had a good contact, communication was open with taking care of customer satisfaction. I highly recommend!

Bartosz Juszczyk

CEO of B J D sp. z o.o.

Visualization done very quickly and accurately. RendPro took care of the smallest details. I am very pleased with the final result, and I will definitely come back to them for future projects. I RECOMMEND!

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Alexander Gadomski

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